simple nail treatment with lemon
Beauty care is needed for everyone especially women. Beauty is not always about your skin but it’s also related to your nail. Nail is the one part of our body which is always shown by us. When we talk or shake our hand to everyone, somebody will see our nails too.

 There are some irritation sign of our nails if we get a disease. For example, we can get in a smoker case. A hard smoker will have yellow nails. It’s because nicotine makes his or her nails yellowy. If you who are smoker, it really disturbs your look.

 Actually, there are some fruits which can be used for your nail treatment. Beauty care and nail treatment can be practiced with some nature materials. We can use fruits or vegetables for doing it. So, you don’t need to go salon to get pedicure or manicure.

 One of a fruit which can treat your nails is lemon. Lemon can remove yellowness of your nails. You can squeeze the lemon. Then, take the lemon essence. After that, you have to mix the lemon essence with toothpaste. You can apply the essence onto your nails perfectly. Wait till your nails dry. Then, wash your nails by warm water. Those are all about beauty care of nail treatment with lemon.

 Here is video about simple nail treatment with lemon.